Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jilted By a Journalist? Get Over It!

Three weeks ago, I tipped off The Daily Chronicle in DeKalb, Ill. to what I feel is a compelling story: a 55-year-old woman named Joanne Schutt is enjoying greater mobility, thanks to a technological advance known as the WalkAide.

As an associate of Plunkett & Associates, I made the pitch on behalf of Scheck & Siress, an orthotic and prosthetic company that has been instrumental in helping Joanne (pictured here on this post) by fitting her with the WalkAide and providing follow-up care, largely through the efforts of prosthetist Dan Hasso.

I contacted The Daily Chronicle because Joanne resides in Sycamore, on the edge of their circulation area. An editor agreed that the story had merit, assigned a reporter to the story, and I connected her with Joanne. The result: this piece on Sunday, Aug. 3.

If you check it out, you'll see that there's nary a mention of Scheck & Siress, or Dan Hasso, in the story.

At this point, I can make one of two choices:

1. Get upset with the newspaper (aka The Short-Term, It's All Personal Entitlement Attitude).

After all, I'm the one that passed along the idea in the first place, set up the interview with Joanne, and made my client's connection to her progress abundantly clear. Where's mine?

2. Get over it--and get another story suggestion to the paper, whether for the same client, another one or no client at all. In short, I can strive to be a helpful resource once again. (aka The Long-Term, It's All Professional Attitude).

After all, the newspaper has 364 other editions annually, numerous other sections, with endless opportunities to pursue stories that I pitch.

My next move is simple: #2.

Besides, through its website and other communications, Scheck & Siress can still communicate its role in helping Joanne as it refers to The Daily Chronicle story.

And I suppose that's partly what this blog post is about. Same with this video of Dan Hasso talking about the impact that WalkAide has had on Joanne:

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