Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marketing That Knocks Your Socks Off

If only I knew then...

About 20 years ago, in my late teens, I was too indifferent (or perhaps color-blind, in some cases) to match socks on a regular basis. My mom thought I was trying to be cool, but I kept explaining to her that nobody else that I knew of was doing it and I was simply trying to grab any two socks that would cover my feet.

Now I learn that I was a marketing visionary and didn't know it. See Seth Godin's recent blog post ("The power of remarkable") on a company that trades in mismatched socks:

Knowing my history, I would probably find a way to make mine match, of course.

Full disclosure (in the spirit of Seth's disclosure, if you want to check out his post):

I still mismatch my socks on occasion, and I still don't really care. And my mom still suspects I'm going out of my way to be cool.

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