Friday, June 6, 2008

Simple Words of Wisdom From Seth Godin

One of the most appealing things about Seth Godin, Intrepid & Prolific Author & Thought Leader for the Third Millennium, is that he writes the way most folks talk.

He uses words like "things," hence inspiring me to do the same in that first sentence. Hmm, I doubt he uses "hence" much, so I better watch it.

Anyway, Seth came to mind because I came across a rather insightful anecdote he made about the way the world is now, versus the way it was only a decade or so ago.

His story, which concludes with "now you have to be on the lookout for everyone," is reminiscent of my recent comment that the world is now filled with innumerable (Fight Back With) David Horowitzes (see the June 5 blog post below).

To get a dose of Seth-sagacity, go to: and scroll down to "Part Five: Everyone's a critic."

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