Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wallet Pop Weighs In On Inside Edge Blog

The saga of my sister and Citizens Bank's dubious sense of responsible and responsive banking made received coverage in today's Wallet Pop, at

Under the headline "Bank robs customer: a cautionary tale," writer Geoff Williams succinctly and fairly lays out the sequence of events. You can check out the piece here:

Like a penny doubled, or a snow rolling downhill, this could be the start of an interesting PR "situation" for Citizens Bank. After all, Wallet Pop is owned by AOL, a fairly significant media player that you may have heard of. What I especially appreciate is that the story is filed under two categories: "banks" and "ripoffs and scams."

Stay tuned. [Update as of 3 pm Central, June 19th: after the Wallet Pop item was headlined on AOL's home page, the number of reader comments surged from three to 300 in less than eight hours. Most chronicled their own beefs with banks, including Citizens Bank.]

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unknown said...

The Bank Should cover research costs.Unless the couple had another statement to compair too, they had no idea there was a problem. I paid extra fees for a City sanatation bill that untill I compaired it to my Step-sons did not relize I was paying to much.They have records as far back as when I started and were happy to work with me.I don't think this is going to help their image at all.