Tuesday, July 22, 2008

XS Energy Drink: Worst `Green' PR Stunt Ever?

Chris Knape, a Grand Rapids Press reporter, on Monday posted some critical remarks about the Chicago Sun-Times' tongue-in-cheek story about XS Energy Drink last week.

"The idea is so incredibly stupid," Knape blogged, "it gets my vote for worst "green" PR stunt ever."

Now, I don't know how many green PR stunts he's encountered---so I don't know whether to resent, or resemble, his commentary.

But this much I do know: gone are the days when a company would have to endure a protracted lag time between Knape's "BS From XS" remarks before issuing a response.

Nowadays, we're engaged in a dialogue with no time restraints. And as long as Knape keeps spelling the drink's name correctly, I guess we can't be entirely upset.


Anonymous said...

Nice commentary, Matt. Knape's the perfect straightman for The Daily Show--one that never breaks character because he doesn't get the joke.

bernsber said...

Maybe Knape just hadn't had his Peach Tea Blast yet.

Poor guy. :D